Tuesday, May 03, 2016

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Friend of the blog Art Scott gets a nice shout-out over a Killer Covers today:  Killer Covers: My, You’ve Got Some Brass!

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I Miss the Old Days

Scenes From the First American Shopping Mall, Filmed in 1956 


James Clayford (Peggy Gaddis), Careless!, Quarter Books, 1949

The Trap of Solid Gold: The Look of Travis McGee

The Trap of Solid Gold: The Look of Travis McGee

Who are You?

Who are You??? That time Keith Moon OD’d onstage and was replaced by a member of the audience  

Link via Neatorama.

Overlooked Movies: Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot might not be a great movie, but it's sure a good one.  It was written and directed by Michael Cimino, who went on to bigger (although not necessarily greater) things.  Eastwood is a bank robber known as The Thunderbolt because he uses an anti-tank cannon to break into a vault.  Bridges (Oscar nominated) is Lightfoot.  He drives fast.  There's also a great supporting cast, including George Kennedy, as brutal as he ever was, Geoffrey Lewis, and Gary Busey.  

The plot is a little complicated, but here goes.  Eastwood is hiding out from members of his old gang because they believe he betrayed them.  He didn't, but he's the only one who knows where the money from their last job is hidden.  They catch up with him, and he's saved by Bridges (purely by accident).  

The two team up, with Bridges just about stealing the movie with his performance as a happy-go-lucky guy, and they bond.  They get together with Kennedy and Lewis and go to find the money, which was hidden in an old school.  They find the school is gone, replaced by a big new one, so Bridges proposes that they pull another job, robbing the same place they group had robbed before.  

They pull off the job (Bridges in drag!), but of course things go wrong and then wronger.  The movie, which had started off in a lighthearted way and which had been quite funny most of the time, has taken a much darker turn.  The ending is bleak.

If you've never seen this one, give it a look.  Highly recommended.

Thunderbolt & Lightfoot

Thunderbolt & Lightfoot (1974) Official Trailer - Full HD 1080p - YouTube:

Monday, May 02, 2016

First It Was the Thin Mint Melee

SFGate: SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) — Northern California authorities have arrested a 31-year-old Alabama man for allegedly wielding a machete after an argument over dog feces.  

Hat tip to Art Scott.

100 Must-Read Sci-Fi Fantasy Novels By Female Authors

100 Must-Read Sci-Fi Fantasy Novels By Female Authors  

Link via Kevin Tipple.

Feel-Good Story of the Day

Identical Twins Remain Inseparable and Going Strong at Age 100

Song of the Day

Kathy Young and The Innocents - A Thousand Stars (1960) - YouTube:

A Complete History Of Paris Hilton And Her Cellphones

A Complete History Of Paris Hilton And Her Cellphones  

Trigger warning: vulgar language.

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Hand Me Down My Sword Cane

Professional Stunt Trainer Will Teach Movie Swordsmanship in Cities Around the World


Albert L. Quandt, Journey into Ecstasy, Venus Books, 1951

Buying Opportunity!

Man selling $100,000 collection of 600 vintage Smith-Corona typewriters 

Around the World in 80 Books

Around the World in 80 Books: A Global Reading List

John D and Me: Dennis Lehane

John D and Me: Dennis Lehane

Once Again Texas Leads the Way

These 4 Texas Suburbs Named Coolest in the Country

Once Again Texas Leads the Way

French teacher at HISD school doesn't speak French  

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.

The Return of the Marx Brothers

Vanity Fair: Is a Marx Brothers revival in the offing? You bet your life, if Universal Studios has anything to say about it. On Sunday, May 1, David Steinberg, comedian and friend of Groucho, will present a restored version of the 1932 football comedy Horse Feathers at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood. It is one of five essential Marx Brothers comedies from the late 1920s and early 1930s that have been restored by Universal—and all it takes is one look at current political headlines to know they’re coming back just in time.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

First It Was the Thin Mint Melee . . .

. . .  and now it's the Fight over ice cream at wedding!

Trust Me -- Earl Javorsky

Jeff Fenner's a guy with problems.  He's a drug dealer who loves what he's selling, his sister has just been reported a suicide, he owes money to the wrong people, and then he gets thrown in jail.

Holly Barnes is an actress with few credits.  She's in an abusive relationship, and she has her own addiction problems.  She becomes involved with a self-help group called Saving our Lives (SoL) and a charismatic man who calls himself Art.  Art is literally a hypnotic guy, and when Holly falls under his spell, he's quick to take advantage.

Ron Pool is a reporter who wonders why so many young women from a certain area have committed suicide.  One of these young women is Jeff's sister.

The lives of these three come together as Ron investigates the suicides, as Jeff tries to climb out of the hole he's in, and as Holly struggles to free herself from her problems and from Art, who turns out to be even worse than she'd imagined.

Javorsky writes with skill and authority about the shadier side of sunny Southern California and about addiction and recovery.  He makes you care about some unlikable (at first) people and what happens to them.  Check it out.  

I'm Sure You'll All Agree

50 best cult books

Song of the Day

John Denver - Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stones) - YouTube:

I For One Welcome Our New Chitinous Overlords

Insect Brains Are Conscious, Study Argues

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7 Words That Have Changed Stages in the New Edition of 'Modern English Usage'

7 Words That Have Changed Stages in the New Edition of 'Modern English Usage'  

As far as I'm concerned, #5 is still Stage 1.  Or possibly below.


James Ross, They Don't Dance Much (abridged), Signet, 1952

Agatha Award Winners

Mystery Fanfare: Agatha Award Winners

A Night at the Opera: the Marx Brothers Masterpiece

A Night at the Opera: the Marx Brothers Masterpiece

Paging Bridey Murphy

A Sherlock Holmes Audio Drama Project

I Am Lost Without My Boswell – A Sherlock Holmes Audio Drama Project: By Fans, For Fans  

Hat tip to Roy Hovey.

Vintage Treasures: The Elsewhere Anthologies, edited by Terri Windling and Mark Alan Arnold

Vintage Treasures: The Elsewhere Anthologies, edited by Terri Windling and Mark Alan Arnold

It's May Day

When is May Day and what does it mean?: (CNN)To most people in the Northern Hemisphere, May Day conjures images of brightly colored twirling ribbons and promises of warm days ahead. That's not the whole story, though: May Day is also a day of protests and riots that traces its modern roots back to a world-changing explosion in Chicago.  

And there's also this:  Well, it is a fact that May Day, which the children do enjoy with all vibes, is not an overly prominent holiday in America. Yet, it does have a long and notable history as one of the world's principal festivals. The origin of the May Day as a day for celebration dates back to the days, even before the birth of Christ. And like many ancient festivals it too has a Pagan connection.